„Droga do Sieny”. Marek Zagańczyk.

The FBI reopens the case regarding the murder of Colonel Aaron Raymond (Wylie M. Pickett)’s wife after Jane becomes suspicious. Raymond’s alibi is that his wife drove him to work that day, but Jane suspects that it was another woman who Raymond was likely having an affair with. They suspect a woman named Denise Cortez (Jama Williamson), who Wylie and Vega learn changed into a disguise in the car while discarding her clothes at a homeless encampment. Raymond soon learns about the investigation, forcing Abbott to close the case and reconsider the team’s strategy. Jane attempts to force a confession out of the killer after luring Raymond and Denise into a single room, and threatening to open a briefcase which he claims contains incriminating evidence. They both name each other as the killer and share their respective stories of how they witnessed the murder, but Jane is unable to come to a conclusion. The briefcase simply contains a paper that reads „curiosity killed the cat”, written by Jane to Vega in response to the same words Vega told Jane earlier. The real killer is Raymond, who at the beginning washed his hands and turn on a fan located besides her body.